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Entry Requirements


To qualify for the 3-year Diploma in Basic Education (DBE) programme,
A prospective candidate shall have credits (A1-C6) in five subjects comprising three (3) core
subjects, including English, Integrated Science/Social Studies and Core Mathematics, and two
(2) elective subjects relevant to the programme at both the WASSCE and SSSCE level.
Upon offering admission to candidates, each student is expected to pay his/her admission fee as
stipulated by the College. Failure to meet the deadline for payment of the admission fee shall
result in the candidate’s loss of admission.

Deferment of Programme
1. A student who, due to various reasons, wishes to defer her programme should first
consult her Class Academic Advisor for advice.
2. Applications for deferment would normally not be entertained after eight weeks into the
semester and should be submitted to the Dean of Studies through the relevant Head of
Department with copies to the College Secretary.
3. Application for deferment on medical grounds should be supported by a medical report
certified by a medical officer.
4. Students must of necessity wait for the response to such applications before leaving the
5. Students must however note that programmes offered on admission cannot be changed.

Change of Name
1. The College will normally not entertain request by students for change of name.
2. For College record purposes, students shall be known only by the names used in
completing their application for admission and in the sequence in which they are written.
Once a student has, on admission into the College, been registered with a name, which
should be the same as the one on her result slip. Such names will be used throughout the
course of study.

Orientation of Fresh Students
Student Orientation exercises take places at the beginning of each academic year and all freshers
are required to be present. The purpose of orientation fresh students can be summarized as
1. To welcome fresh students and help them to adjust and settle down into College life.
2. To guide them to through the registration procedure.
3. To expose them to facilities available in the College so as to make education a rewarding
4. To orientate the minds of students to the new world of College life and to help them align
their individual growth with the broad goals of national development.

5. To advertise the rules and regulations that governs the relationship between the students
and the Students’ Representative Council.
6. To let students know their rights, privileges, obligations and responsibilities with regard
to College authorities and their governing bodies.

A Matriculation Ceremony is held in the first Semester for the purpose of formally admitting into
the College, all new students entering into the diploma and any other programmes. Attendance at
the ceremony is compulsory and no new student is allowed to remain in the College examination
unless he/she has been duly matriculated.
Each student will be required to sign the matriculation oath and register after the matriculation

About Us

Bia Lamplighter College of Education was started by the Church of Christ as an evolving cutting-edge center for teacher in-service training in the Bia West District in the Western North Region. This effort has been complimented and enhanced by the Government of Ghana through the absorption of this college along with four other new colleges of education as public institutions in 2015.

Contact Details

P.O. Box 97,
Essam-Debiso | Western North Region
Ghana, West Africa.

Email: blce@blce.edu.gh
Tel: +233 (0) 540183502 | 0540827970

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