Department of Languages

Languages is one of the requirements a student has to study in college before she gets a certificate. This is so in all College of Education in the country. Languages has been put into two broad areas;

– Ghanaian languages ( Twi),  and
– English Language

It is expected of every student that she should be very well vexed in her local language. She will have to teach the pupils to be able to express themselves well in their local language, and also to write them well. In view of this, the student herself is taken through a thorough study of the local language, both written and oral, the literature aspects, the culture of the people and the grammar aspect and poetry too.

English language is the official language of the nation therefore every teacher should be able to express herself well in this area. In view of this, they are expected to learn how to write and speak, so that their competence in the language is improved in areas like grammar, speech work, writing and reading.

Students offering General program are expected to be well equipped in the English Language and their respective local languages. English language is studied for two years and Ghanaian Language also for two years.



Ghanaian language and Culturen(Language Studies (Ga & Twi) FDC 113

nglish Language Studies (English with elements of literature) FDC 121

Literacy Development in Early Childhood ECE 122


Ghanaian Language and Culture Literature (Written & Oral- Ga, Twi) FDC 113

English (with elements of Literature) FDC 121



Ghanaian Language and Culture III FDC 213

English Language studies (English with elements of literature) FDC 121


Ghanaian Language and Culture III FDC 213

Elective Culture

– English Language studies FDC 211

Methods of teaching English in Basic schools

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