Department of Mathematics & ICT

Department of Mathematics and ICT is one of the six departments in the college. The mission of the department involves a practical approach to mathematics/ICT and engages our students in exploring ways of using this approach to teaching in the Kindergarten, Primary and the Junior High School. By the end of the course we expect our students to demonstrate sound knowledge and understanding of all the topics in the K.G, Primary and Junior High school mathematics curriculum and apply them in real life situations. Students will be equipped with the best and appropriate methodology and Pedagogy of teaching mathematics at the KG and basic level.

The purpose of the ICT course is to acquaint students with technology application commonly found in educational settings. Students will be introduced to computers, word processing, the use of spreadsheets, the development of a database, the use of the web, and some educational software. Students will also be exposed to ways of using the computer to enhance classroom instruction, communication and management.


Students are expected to meet the national ICT standards for teachers. The standards cover the following theme:

  • ICT Operations and Concepts
  • Planning and Designing Learning Environments and Experiences using ICT
  • Assessment and Evaluation using ICT
  • Social, Ethical, Legal, and human Issues in ICT

The following are the course that the department handles:


FDC 112- Numbers and Basic Algebra
FDC 112- Mathematics (Number and Basic Algebra)
FDC122 – Mathematics (Geometry & Trigonometry)


PFC 222 – Methods of Teaching Basic Mathematics
FDC 222 – Mathematics (Further Algebra)
GNS 211 –
Introduction to ICT
GNS 221 –
Introduction to ICT


FDC 312 – Statistics and Probability

Academic Staff

Mr. Alfred Kofi Adams – Mathematics (Interim Head of Dept.)

Mr. Mark Valentine Aikins – ICT

Miss. Angelina Abaidoo – Mathematics

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Bia Lamplighter College of Education was started by the Church of Christ as an evolving cutting-edge center for teacher in-service training in the Bia West District in the Western North Region. This effort has been complimented and enhanced by the Government of Ghana through the absorption of this college along with four other new colleges of education as public institutions in 2015.

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