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Educational Studies Department

Education  studies is a core subject undertaken by the students in colleges of education in Ghana. It is a social process of nurturing or training individuals holistically for sustenance and survival of national growth and development. Education studies is of a three-year duration in the entire teacher training programme in colleges of Education. Two years consists of course content work and one year off campus teaching practice that prepares them adequately for practical activities in the field after completion.

Education studies, as part of teacher training programmes serves as the engine of growth and as such regulates the multi- dimensions of society. Every society and her multi-dynamics is shaped by education by way of regulating the behaviour of the individual. Education studies thereby promotes the desired development and stability to enhance growth by means of harnessing the individual’s potentials towards the achievement of the utmost objectives of the society in teacher preparation Education studies programme in colleges of Education.

The General programme in Education Studies offered by students is to enable them obtain Diploma Certificate in Basic Education which will enable them to teach in Primary and Junior High Schools. In a nut shell Education studies serves as a pivot on which all other teacher training subjects or courses evolve around.



1. Principles and practice of education (EPS 111)


1. Child and adolescent development and learning (EPS 121)



1. Principles and methods of teaching in basic schools (EPS 211)
2. Assessment in early childhood education (EPS 212)


1. Education individuals with special needs   EPS 221
2. Assessment in schools EPS 222


Introduction to guidance and counselling EPS 302
Trends in education & school management in Ghana  EPS 301

About Us

Bia Lamplighter College of Education was started by the Church of Christ as an evolving cutting-edge center for teacher in-service training in the Bia West District in the Western North Region. This effort has been complimented and enhanced by the Government of Ghana through the absorption of this college along with four other new colleges of education as public institutions in 2015.

Contact Details

P.O. Box 97,
Essam-Debiso | Western North Region
Ghana, West Africa.

Email: blce@blce.edu.gh
Tel: +233 (0) 540183502 | 0540827970

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