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Our Mission

Exist to empower the next generation of teachers to become suitable agents for development.


Core Values 

Facilitating students’ personal and professional learning through intentional practitioner oriented activities to transform and empower a new generation of teachers to become suitable major agents for better schools.

The quest for enhanced quality training and well developed professional teachers will be achieved through a well-developed process which will include:

  1. Pre-service teacher’s knowledge of the content of their specialized area
  2. Effective pre-professional practices leading to the acquisition of the right methodologies for facilitating children’s learning
  • Collaborating with affiliated universities and partner schools to develop emerging teachers through School Based mentoring and training
  1. Supporting students’ exploration of their personal, spiritual, emotional, moral, and social intelligence as integrated individuals suitable for guiding children.
  2. Equipping tutors and administrators to reflect continuing growth in content knowledge, inclusion of technology, and new methodologies for enhancing the preparation of teachers.
  3. Providing campus resources critical for emerging educators to meet the critical skill sets of schools for growth
  • Transition pathways for pre-service teachers to function effectively as educational leaders on day one and throughout their careers in teaching
  • Incorporating Service Learning in all college practices among the entire campus to serve the immediate community and the country at large through educational innovations
  1. Providing suitable learning spaces for all pre-service students to be equipped to offer inclusive, quality, and life long learning practices

About Us

Bia Lamplighter College of Education was started by the Church of Christ as an evolving cutting-edge center for teacher in-service training in the Bia West District in the Western North Region. This effort has been complimented and enhanced by the Government of Ghana through the absorption of this college along with four other new colleges of education as public institutions in 2015.

Contact Details

P.O. Box 97,
Essam-Debiso | Western North Region
Ghana, West Africa.

Email: blce@blce.edu.gh
Tel: +233 (0) 540183502 | 0540827970

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